Nothing gets me going like a good recipe and a new dish to bake. The planning, the excitement when the dish looks like its working out, the joy of seeing my family and friends gobble it up and eagerly looking forward to what I can bake next, everything about baking makes me happy (the messy kitchen counter top aside :p) Here's a peek into my kitchen, my cooking, my wonderland.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Cookie Mania

Melon mania, inspired from this link from pinterest
My latest obsession is designing cookies. Chanced upon a blog on the most amazing cookies ever. These are nothing short of works of art and this is where I found my new-found love for cookies decorated with royal icing. Marian is a cookie goddess and if you do manage to come back after ogling at her goodies on her site, do check out my humble beginnings in the cookie decorating field :)
Swirls galore
These cookies are made using a basic sugar cookie recipe and have been decorated using tinted royal icing. 
I heart cookies
Do give me your feedback on them as this is the first time I have attempted them. Be sure to see more of them in the near future on my blog.  
Three's company too